CIP welcomes new COO, Mark Schoettmer

Published on April 30, 2021

Mark Schoettmer is a Cincinnati native with four decades of diverse athletic, personal, and professional business experiences under his belt. So naturally, our first question to him was: “Where did you go to school?”

Mark is a St. Xavier guy who went on to play football and baseball for the Duke Blue Devils. Mark played quarterback and had the privilege of backing up a player who completed his college career as the top passer in the history of NCAA Division I-A football (Ben Bennett).

Now Mark is playing for the CIP Retail team. We are thrilled to add him to the roster as our new Chief Operating Officer.

As COO, Mark’s job is to help CIP Retail leverage our people, processes, and technology in a way that optimizes operations throughout the organization and drives extensive and sustainable growth. It’s a role Mark has successfully undertaken before as Chief HR Officer and VP of Strategy for Cincinnati-based manufacturer Enerfab.

“It’s amazing how the stars align when you’re supposed to be somewhere,” Mark said about the opportunity to join CIP. “To find an environment with an interesting business model and good people involved — that’s the four-leaf clover.”

“We are so pleased to welcome Mark to the team,” said CEO Kathy Huff. “He is such a great culture fit for our organization and passionate about helping us develop our people and processes.”

And speaking of people and processes, Mark’s first executive decision: Bagel Fridays coming soon. Team always comes first

CIP welcomes new COO, Mark Schoettmer