West Allis and CIP Welcome Festival Foods

Published on June 24, 2021

The city of West Allis, Wisconsin, welcomed a new Festival Foods supermarket to its community on May 21. It is the second Festival Foods market to open in the Milwaukee area, and the chain now has more than 30 stores throughout Wisconsin in major cities such as Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Madison.

The West Allis location was CIP Retail’s inaugural project with the chain.

Festival Foods chose to partner with CIP Retail because of our ability to design and fabricate under one roof, improving communication and creating cost efficiencies.

At Festival Foods, every business decision they make is based on the question: “Will it bring the customer back?” We took this same approach with every suggestion we made for the Festival Foods décor package.

Festival Foods’ design is clean and simple. It is understated and easy to understand for the shopper. The enhancements we suggested not only were cost-effective and straightforward, but also helped bring consistency and balance to the décor.

For example, we added wood grain paneling behind most department signage, on soffit facia, and perimeter walls to coordinate with the grocer’s flooring choices.

We added trellis work and lighting to Festival Foods’ extensive beer and wine area to create a destination department set apart from the rest of the store. While the hanging trellis system looks massive and heavy, we constructed it from lightweight foam, so it is easy to install and cost-efficient.

We added extra wayfinding signage for navigation of the 73,000-square-foot store. And, working in collaboration with Festival Foods’ internal designer, we experimented with new graphics, fonts, and letter thicknesses to increase the overall punch of the package.

We walked the store with our new client on grand opening day, and we’re incredibly proud of the final collaboration. It is an honor for CIP Retail to work with Festival Foods and help provide their guests with a great shopping experience and exceptional value.

West Allis and CIP Welcome Festival Foods