Dave’s Fresh Marketplace

This project was a new acquisition for Dave’s and involved a major remodel of an old building, which created some significant and unique challenges. CIP Retail emulated the distinctive New England architecture throughout the store’s interior, which included a covered bridge canopy that hangs over the produce department and is surrounded by pastoral imagery of New England hillsides on the perimeter walls.

Wine & Beyond

Wine & Beyond is a big box retailer selling wine, beer & liquor in the Western Canada market. The interior décor is designed to segment the store and create destination departments. Large graphics and unique wayfinding set the tone to explore this pleasing shopping environment.

Ultra Foods

Ultra Foods is a division of Strack & Van Til. CIP Retail designed their Kankakee location to emphasize low cost and value in this warehouse setting. The pleasing colorful design achieves its low cost messaging while simultaneously providing the emphasis on value at the service departments.

Tops Market

When Tops decided to expand operations into the Hudson Valley area for the first time, they wanted to maximize the store experience in this particular location. The design directive from Tops was for CIP Retail to emulate some of the local architecture as departmental “storefronts” around the perimeter of the store. Attractive graphics and wayfinding serve to enhance the store’s superior merchandising.

Strack & Van Til

This was a major remodel of a store CIP Retail had previously designed and manufactured for Strack & Van Til ten years earlier. CIP created an updated design that emphasized local shops throughout the store, resulting in a unique shopping experience. Large, impactful departmental wall lettering works in conjunction with various woodgrains throughout. Their dedicated craft beer department was designed to create an inviting feeling for the interior beer cooler.

Value Center Marketplace

This retailer has several stores located throughout the northern Detroit suburbs. CIP Retail designed the interior décor package and specified interior construction details, lighting, flooring, and all interior finishes.