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Aisle directories (aka aisle markers) are informational signage that directs customers to find products throughout the store quickly and efficiently.  These signs are ideal for supermarkets, drug stores, hardware, convenience, wine & spirits or other retail stores.  The aisle directory is the first place shoppers look within a department to locate their desired products.  

CIP Retail designs aisle directories customized for a wide range of retail clients.  Our custom-designed aisle directories can vary from the most basic to advanced or complex designs to meet any budget and support your brand’s in-store image.  We start with understanding the store’s fixture plan, ceiling heights, and traffic flow.  We design the right size and scale to fit the aisle width and ceiling height.  For shorter aisles, one hanging double-sided aisle directory will often suffice.  But for longer aisles, you should consider having two aisle directories – one at each end or entrance into the aisle.  In either scenario, it is important to consider sight lines and to design a large enough font size and style for legibility.  Lastly, we always design an appropriate numbering system that is easily identifiable and logical based on the typical customer’s traffic flow.  

Besides aisle directories, there are numerous other styles of store aisle signage that serve as navigational signage in quickly and efficiently locating merchandise throughout the retail space.  Below are some examples of the various custom solutions CIP Retail provides:

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