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Our approach to each project begins with listening to the customer and carefully identifying the goals and objectives of the interior design project.  Once we have an understanding and a prioritization of those objectives, we can get started with the design process to develop retail design solutions that maximize impact, quality and efficiency – and most of all sales!  A major part of this preliminary phase is working with the customer to develop an understanding of their budgetary needs for the project.  Once we have a good understanding of the budgetary requirements, our designers are adept at working within those budgetary parameters to highlight selected focal points such as high return service and/or specialty departments.  From an overall design standpoint, our designers are always trying to achieve a well-orchestrated balance of high and low visual impacts to keep the customer engaged to reinforce the store’s merchandising philosophy rather than neutralize it with too much visual noise.  If all areas of the store have equal impact, it may appear visually stunning but can be confusing and not complementary to the merchandising.  On the other hand, applying austerity equally throughout the design can lead to visual monotony and disengage the customer.  Striking the right balance is the key to success.  When designing retail décor, it’s helpful to organize the décor and signage into three levels of hierarchy in visual communication:  High Level, Eye Level and Buy Level.

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