New CFO helps take CIP Retail to new heights

Published on August 27, 2021

At 5’11”, Christina Saner worries that her height works against her at times.

“The first impression most people have when they meet me is that I’m very intimidating. I’m 6’1” in heels. I’m really not [intimidating]. I’m just tall. I’m a big teddy bear,” says Saner.

What Christina is not worried about is the heights to which CIP Retail can grow its business.

“Right now, we specialize in the grocery category, but there is tremendous opportunity to grow our business to serve hotels, liquor stores, and gas stations, just to name a few.”

Christina joined CIP Retail two months ago as CFO. Born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area, Christina certainly knows something about the opportunities that come from spreading your wings. Life’s adventures have taken her far – 2,280 miles to be exact – to the Yakima Valley in Washington state, where she worked as the VP of finance for a non-profit for many years.

But her first love is manufacturing. Christina’s career began at Tom Sumerel Tire in Newport, Kentucky. When she returned to the area after her adventures out west, she served seven years at Steinert, a Northern Kentucky manufacturer specializing in magnetic separation and sorting equipment to extract raw materials and correctly categorize recyclables.

Now that she’s joined CIP Retail, she’s excited to be a part of shaping the company’s strategic growth initiatives.

“I get the most enjoyment out of seeing employees grow and seeing an organization grow as a whole,” notes Christina.

New CFO helps take CIP Retail to new heights