Reinvigorating a New Restaurant’s Walls

Published on May 03, 2021

Retail store signage comes in all shapes and sizes. In restaurants, commercial-grade printed wall vinyl is especially popular. The restaurant wall vinyl used in this project is a thick, textured Type II wallcovering that helps hide imperfections in the drywall. You can print almost any type of color or pattern on the wall vinyl you desire.

Our client Dragon City provided the designs you see here for its new restaurant opening in Florence, Kentucky, on Houston Road.

We took on two projects: Manufacture and install the restaurant’s wall vinyl, as well as repurpose large, existing light fixtures to be high design but budget friendly.

Manufacturing of the wall vinyl took two to three weeks, and the installation took about three to four days. Proper installation of wall vinyl is an art in and of itself and one of the most important parts of the job. The patterns and verbiage need to line up perfectly for a professional finish. You also don’t want to see any seams or bubbles in the vinyl.

Our second job was repurposing its three three-foot-diameter light fixtures. Rather than purchasing new light fixtures, we removed the acrylic from the existing fixtures, took it back to our shop, and drew it up to make a cut file that would fit perfectly in the fixture. We printed a new Dragon City logoed acrylic, cut it, and laid it back into the existing lights.

For the client, this is a couple of thousand-dollar savings over buying new lighting fixtures.

Reinvigorating a New Restaurant’s Walls