Supermarket Design Shows Off Small-Town Charm

Published on April 28, 2021

The first settlers of Rising Sun, Indiana, included Samuel Fulton’s family, uncle to steamboat inventor Robert Fulton. Quite fittingly, a steamboat casino parked on the Ohio River banks is one of the town’s most popular attractions. Rising Sun may be located in the smallest county in Indiana, but it attracts a big crowd.

One of this quaint town’s busiest supermarkets is family-run Rising Sun IGA. The store is only nine aisles wide, but its idyllic location, friendly staff, and excellent butcher shop make it a popular stop for tourists and locals alike.

Ray of Sunshine

Our goal with this grocery store interior design project was to enhance the supermarket’s homey, welcoming feel. We designed helpful store aisle signs and retail décor featuring the golden rays of the rising sun.


Delicious sun-ripened fruits and vegetables on the retail aisle markers direct shoppers to the store’s garden-fresh, local produce.


Mouthwatering Meats

The most prominent imagery along the back wall highlights the store’s specialty – its premium quality meats. Our design consultant Tom hasn’t stopped raving about the cut of filet mignon he and his family enjoyed from the store.


Hometown Heritage

Finally, the supermarket décor pays homage to the community’s most valuable resources – its stunning location on the Ohio River banks, its beautiful views of the rising sun over Kentucky hills, and its hardworking people.

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Supermarket Design Shows Off Small-Town Charm